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Daryl Wilkinson - Counselling Hypnotherapist and Coach
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Daryl Wilkinson FAACHP, Supervisor and Hon Life Member

BDA, Dip Clin Hyp, Dip Solution Oriented Couns, 
GDip Psych Couns., Certified HypnoBirthing® Educator

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My first encounter with hypnosis was in 1956 with a stage hypnotist. My mother who was always fascinated by things paranormal took me to see “The Great Franquin”. When volunteers were called on to participate my mother pushed me on to the stage, very much against my will. The Great Franquin commenced a “Suggestibility Test” to select suitable participants (those who would follow his instructions). There was no way I wanted to be part of this mind control stuff! When he suggested that our hands were stuck together mine certainly were not and while those around me were struggling to pull their hands apart mine came apart easily. Needless to say I was sent back to my seat as The Great Franquin said to the audience, referring to me: “There are some who just don’t want to listen!”.

Five years later my parents tock me to see a “Hypnotherapist” and that was a totally different experience. After working with him for a number of sessions, I was finally cured of my chronic asthma and that was after all conventional medicine had failed. You can read about my own case history in the Articles page

My initial vocational training was at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) where I trained as an actor. During the training I became aware of links to the work I had done with the hypnotherapist. Many of the exercises in the actor training program were about developing focus and “being in the moment”. Years later I deduced that all actors and performers were in a form of hypnosis, but of course no one talks about it in that way. Hypnosis is, for the most part, thought of as a party trick or worse, some kind of mind control. Nothing is further from the truth. A generally accepted definition of hypnosis is that it is: a trance-like state of relaxed focused concentration that bypasses the conscious  analytical mind and where the mind is open to suggestion and is also highly creative.  Sports people refer to being “In the Zone”. That's hypnosis.

Some years after graduating and quite by accident I was offered a position at a College of Advanced Education teaching drama, acting and communication. I accepted the position thinking that I would move on after a couple of years. However that was the start of a tertiary teaching career that spanned 30 years. During that time I was using many hypnotic techniques in my teaching and counselling that came with the territory.  

in 1996 my first wife was diagnosed with cancer and for the next twelve months we set about undertaking every mainstream medical and every alternative treatment that we could find. One of these treatments involved “Guided Meditation” which I soon realised was hypnosis by another name. I started to help my wife with her “meditation” exercises using what I remembered from my own experience as a teenager and various techniques I used with acting classes. I decided I needed to get some formal training to make sure I was doing it correctly and so I commenced my training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, however almost twelve months after her diagnosis, my wife died..

Needless to say the death of ones spouse of 27 years is a life changing event and in the personal crisis that followed I decided to resign from my teaching position. I had come top of my hypnotherapy course and was told that I was good at it, so I decided that I would continue training and develop a new career as a hypnotherapist and counsellor which seemed a logical and natural progression from the work that I had been doing as a teacher.

So here I am, more than twenty years later, having had a very successful private practice, having helped thousands of clients and now I'm ready to help you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.