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Deep Relaxation through Hypnosis


A safe and easy "Do It Yourself" Hypnotic experience. Enjoy relaxing deeply!


Anyone can safely enter the calming experience of being deeply relaxed through a hypnotic process because all hypnosis is essentially self hypnosis, so it is a process that you do yourself. You allow yourself to enter into and experience a trance, just as you do in a meditation or a day dream. You are always in control as you are gently guided into a state of deep relaxation where your body and mind is clear and calm. You are then offered suggestions that promote continued calmness, increased confidence, clear thinking, better sleep, improved concentration and memory and a positive attitude.


Since this mp3 was released as a CD in 2000, there have been many enthusiastic endorsements from all over Australia indicating that this is by far "the best and most effective CD of its type on the market".



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