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Daryl Wilkinson - Counselling Hypnotherapist and Coach
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Hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching techniques can be successfully applied to a wide variety of conditions and problems either as a primary or as an adjunct therapy. In the course of my clinical practice I have successfully treated clients who have presented with the following conditions:

ADDICTIONS (gambling, alcohol, smoking,"soft" drugs). 

ADJUSTMENT PROBLEMS (new job, new country, new relationship, new baby, retirement, new status.)

AMNESIA (difficulty in recalling past events)

ANXIETY (almost all presentations have an anxiety component.)

ASTHMA (emotionally triggered asthma - see my own case study on the ARTICLES page)

AUDITION NERVES (actors, singers, musicians, stand up comedians).

BED WETTING (State of Victoria Working with Children Check Number 01097788-02)

BLUSHING (and chronic and excessive sweating)

CHANGE (new school, change in situation, status etc)

CHILD BIRTH  (stressfree childbirth - HypnoBirthing program since 2002)
CREATIVE BLOCKS (writers, musicians, artists)

DENTAL PHOBIA (fear of pain, needles, dentist drill etc)

EXAM NERVES ( school, university and professional vocational)

FEAR ( of almost everything, fear of not being good enough, fear of heights etc)

GRIEF AND LOSS ( of loved ones, pets, relationships, jobs)

INSOMNIA ( getting to sleep, establishing sleep routine, eliminating intrusive thoughts)

IBS ( much research evidence indicates that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is stress related)

JOB INTERVIEWS ( professional assistance in developing confident efective interview skills)

MOTIVATION ( eliminating the fear factor, setting achievable goals. developing focus)

NAIL BITING ( stop in one session, in most cases)

NEGATIVE VOICES (dealing with the source of negativity and developing a positive outlook) 

OVER EATING AND APPETITE CONTROL  (techniques and help to end comfort eating)

PAIN CONTROL (chronic pain and controlling the anticipation of pain after surgery)

PANIC ATTACKS (extreme anxiety response )

PAST ABUSE AND TRAUMA ( releasing  un-resolved issues of the past)

PHOBIAS ( of needles, heights, dogs, snakes, spiders, mice, lifts, blood, small spaces, wide open spaces etc)

POOR MEMORY ( enhancing study skills, remembering people's names etc)

PRESENTATION SKILLS ( for formal presentations to small and large audiences)

PROBLEM GAMBLING ( all types of gambling with poker machines a speciality of mine)

PUBLIC SPEAKING ( ridding the fear, focusing on the material and exuding confidence)

QUIT SMOKING (a unique and popular program in one face to face 90 minute session)

RELATIONSHIP DIFFICULTIES ( handling the stress of change in relationships.)

TENSION HEADACHES ( usually the result of stress build up)

SELF CONFIDENCE ( often as a result of childhood experiences)

SEXUAL DIFFICULTIES (male issues only)

STAGE FRIGHT ( performers who have lost the ability to perform in front of an audience)

STUDY HABITS (developing focus, discipline and memory enhancement)

STAMMERING AND STUTTERING (breathing, focus, confidence and resolving underlying issues)

UNWANTED HABITS (if you have a habit you want to stop, I am here to help!)