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Perform at your best!

To perform is to act, to carry out an action, to execute a task, to actually DO something.

It can mean to act, sing, dance, give a speech or play music before an audience, or in a more private sense, it can relate to creative, interpersonal and sexual behaviour.

Performing in any sense places the individual in a vulnerable situation where one risks public and/or private humiliation and failure. Performing takes courage. However whenever the task or action is successfully completed the rewards are great and memorable.

Please Note: All emails quoted in this article were unsolicited.

For many years now, in fact for most of my life, I have been involved in the business of helping people achieve their goals, helping them DO something they want to be able to DO. At one level this can mean helping them to overcome obstacles that prevent them from maximising their talents and abilities. At another level It can mean assisting them on their journey towards wellness, freeing them from the blockages that prevent them from healing, both body and mind.

Most are aware of “Life Coaching” which seemed to emerge in the US during the mid nineties and is now gaining significant momentum. In this busy (western) world, as the service industries continue to grow, the personal fitness trainer has been joined by the “Life Coach", a sort of personal trainer for the mind. The need for this service has been attributed to the changing business and societal environment where much of the mentoring that existed in earlier decades is no longer available often due to economic pressures and “downsizing”. As the structure and pace of society changes, even the family structure often no longer provides mentoring support.

I offer a unique blend of approaches in my “Performance Coaching” coupled with the added advantage of my skills in the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to assist in the achievement of your desired goals.

Performance Coaching in the Arts

Because my background is in the arts, many of my clients are artists. I count a number of high profile actors, singers, musicians, comedians, TV and radio personalities, film makers, writers and visual artists amongst my client base, and enjoy the special rapport that I have with them. They all have particular, but very different needs, as their work highlights the stress that performance brings to their lives. Their professional survival and career depends on being able to publicly perform, consistently and at the highest standard while at the same time, hopefully, maintaining a balanced healthy private life as well. An international high profile singer wrote in an e-mail to me:

"The last session we had was REALLY REALLY great. I felt so good from the moment we finished it, and the improvement in my performance (and in my top notes) is really phenomenal! Daryl, I originally came to you because I had worked myself into a completely destructive state and was virtually paralysing myself vocally and dramatically. Since working with you, I have experienced not only a reversal of that state to point Zero, but am now moving forward and am beginning to believe that I can reconnect with the freedom I used to experience before I learned to doubt myself whilst singing. With a calm mind, free of self doubt and sabotage, I am beginning to feel free to "play" and be IN the music and the role. I have started to re-access the freedom to create in the moment and be spontaneous in my singing just as I did when I was a child. I LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!"

In addition to my experience in the performing arts, I also have a background in the fine arts, particularly painting and sculpture and have helped a number of artists overcome creative blocks and writers overcome writers block.


Performance Coaching in Sport

I also see sports men and women who are after that competitive edge. From marathon runners and triathletes, to golfers and tennis players. All have benefited from my unique blend of counselling, hypnosis and performance coaching that enables them to enter and maintain “the zone”. Athletes have attributed the PB times they have achieved to the work they have done with me.

"The marathon was truly a fantastic experience and I was thrilled with my time. The whole experience was amazing and I even managed a sprint finish at the end. I was so focused throughout the whole race and I wasn't even nervous before the start. It was certainly something to do with the Hypnotherapy, and thank you so much for your help".

Good performance coaching has a flow on effect and this comment from a golfer on his last visit to me says it all.

“You know, now I am over the “yips” everything else in my life is falling in to place.”


I usually conduct individual sessions in my consulting rooms but I can be flexible.


My coaching is client driven and so the process can be a series of sessions or even a single session on an "as needed" basis. Often clients return when they feel the need for - as one client put it - "a dose of Daryl"


Standard consultation fees apply.The initial consultation is one and a half hours long: $170. Subsequent sessions are one hour long: $150. Afterhours appointments (7 pm) are charged an additional $20.


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Please Note: All emails quoted were unsolicited.