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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

For many years I have specialised in teaching communication skills with particular reference to performance and presentation. My training and teaching experience in the performing arts has helped me develop a deep understanding of this area and it is still pleasing to receive emails from clients like this one, who was terrified of giving a speech at his best friends wedding.

“It was a fantastic day and I actually enjoyed it! There is no doubt that your assistance played a major part in this and I can’t thank you enough. All the techniques, particularly the breathing and visualisation, helped keep my nerves at a controllable level. Daryl, thanks again for all your help - I actually believe that this will make a significant difference in my life generally, as this was my biggest phobia - to over come it and actually enjoy it has given me a real shot of self confidence. ”

Another client who was almost paralyzed with fear at even the thought of giving a talk to a small group, wrote this:

"Dear Daryl, you truly are a miracle worker.  I go back to 1999, I am at my brothers wedding ceremony, and I don’t hear a single word of the service because I am rigid with fear.  My name is called to read a verse and what do I do? I get my eldest sister to go up instead of me!     Then there was Wednesday afternoon, same person, completely different approach.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I could get up in front of a crowd and speak to them from my heart.  But thanks to you I have and I will continue to do so if asked.  Your methods have made it so easy to tap into the person I should be when speaking to a group of people, either socially or when giving a speech.  And best of all, they were interested!  Daryl, thank you doesn’t seem enough but that’s all I have."

I also work with people whose job it is to communicate, like this young university tutor who wrote the following:

"I just wanted to let you know how things have been going with me at the university. I have given three lectures since I last saw you, and things are going really well! I have been a lot more relaxed, calm and confident, and was able to be myself and talk to the students without a long 'speech' to read from!!I have not experienced the extreme anxiety or 'panic attacks' that I previously suffered from, and feel very happy and positive about myself and my abilities.I really appreciate what you have done for me - the hypnotherapy has clearly worked wonders, but even having the time to just talk to you and listen to your great advice and feedback has been very valuable and helpful. You have certainly restored my confidence, and I can't thank you enough for the positive difference this has made to me."

Fear of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills sessions usually involve only 2 sessions.