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Congratulations for making the decision to quit smoking stressfree. This program is the result of fine tuning over many years and because it works at a number of levels, you like many hundreds of my clients will have no difficulty in remaining a non smoker for the rest of your life. if you follow the instructions.

Please access and play the 30 minute sound file "First Step Quit Smoking." (37MB) that explains my Quit Smoking Program and print the "Questionnaire" pdf file for you to complete and bring to your session. Links to the Questionnaire PDF and the "First Step" sound file are on this page.

 This is your first session and  your first step to quit stressfree. It explains exactly what hypnosis is and what you will experience in the main session. It will answer all your questions and explain why this program is so successful.

"The First Step" is an explanation and preparation session and should not be confused with the hypnotic reinforcement CD you will be given after the main session as part of the program.

If you have any questions before the main session please feel free to phone me, and I will be happy to answer them.

You do not have to stop smoking now, or even cut down before the main hypnosis session. Some people do, but it is not essential. Some have their last cigarette immediately before the main session. It is up to you, so do what ever you feel comfortable with.

The total cost for the program is $180 due at the end of the main hypnosis session. An additional $20 is charged for all after hours ( 6 or 8pm ) appointments. Cheque or cash prefered, but credit card facilities are available. The cost also includes the hypnotic reinforcement mp3 or CD. Please Note: You will need to have a CD player, or mp3 player (e.g. Smart phone, iPod)  set up next to your bed to play that reinforcement track upon waking for three weeks following your session with me. 


I look forward to working with you.

Best regards

Daryl Wilkinson

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Once you have listened to "First Step" and filled in the questionnaire you  are well on the way to becoming a non smoker.

The “Final Step” is the  90 minute consultation with me in my North Carlton rooms, from which you will walk out a non smoker.

The first half of the session will be working through your questionnaire and discussing your own smoking "triggers". We will work together developing appropriate strategies to deal with situations and moments where you may be potentially vulnerable. The next part of the session is a hypnosis process which is appropriate to your needs and specific situation.  Smoking is a complex individual issue and needs to be tailored to the client, so a generalised impersonal approach or group sessions is usually ineffective. Having listened to the mp3  you will understand that when in Hypnosis you are in control and the hypnotic state is only maintained by mutual co-operation. If you have any questions about Hypnosis, take a look at  the FAQ page on this web site.

After the session you will be given an mp3 file or CD to play at home. Track One "Wake Up a Non Smoker" is a 10 minute track designed to play first thing in the morning for 21 days. It takes three weeks to  completely break a habit. By playing this track at the moment you wake, you are taking advantage of the natural relaxed hypnotic state that is called the “Hypnopompic State” when the mind is relaxed and open to positive suggestions. The work done in the hypnosis session is reinforced while preparing you for the day ahead.

Track Two, "Relax Smoke Free", is a 20 minute track designed to reinforce the work done in the session and allow you to enjoy relaxing without smoking. This can be used at any time of day when there is a need to relax.

This mp3 file or CD is not sold separately as it is an integral part of the Quit Smoking Program and it is my belief that CD/mp3 for habit control must be used in combination with individual face to face sessions for maximum effectiveness.

CLICK ON THE BLUE BUTTON below to hear the 30 minute mp3 sound file "First Step to Quit Smoking"

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