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QUIT SMOKING for  $180


Due to the current COVID 19 situation I am in lockdown away from Melbourne and am unable to accept any new clients. 

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Many people associate Hypnotherapy with giving up smoking. While a hypnotherapist usually does far more than that, I receive so many requests for information on the subject that I detail my QUIT SMOKING PROGRAM below.

Not all hypnotherapists use the same approach. Some will sign you up for a course of six or eight sessions, others will offer to stop you smoking in one session. This QUIT SMOKING PROGRAM involves two sessions (the first session is accessed as an mp3 sound file or CD). The program is the result of fine tuning, over a number of years with hundreds of clients, to provide you with the best possible outcome. 

This QUIT SMOKING PROGRAM addresses the smoking habit on all fronts. It deals with the WHY, the WHERE and the WHEN aspects of the habit. It develops strategies to deal with every situation, and deals with the underlying causes and the physiological effects. 

Quitting smoking is a life changing (and maybe a life saving) process, however you must want it. If you are giving up because someone else wants you to, or you know in your heart that you are ambivalent, don't waste your time and your money on this or indeed any Quit smoking program! You must really be committed to becoming a non smoker. This QUIT SMOKING PROGRAM is not something that you try. It is something you do and you do it for yourself. If you are totally resolved to give up smoking, the program will work for you!

THE FIRST STEP - Listen to my "Preparing to Quit: First Step" (mp3 sound file of 30 minutes duration).

When you book your Quit Smoking consultation with me I will explain how you access my mp3 sound file to prepare you for the main 90 minute session.

My introductory mp3 file (or CD) will not stop you smoking but it will explain:
• the program and how to prepare yourself
• the unique premise that underpins this program• why this program works so well
• the hypnotic process and what you will experience during the session in your next and final step
• the “home work” required before the main session Included on the download page with the mp3 file is a two page questionnaire pdf file for you to print out to assist you with your preparation.

THE FINAL STEP (90 minute consultation)


The first half of the session involves discussing your own smoking "triggers" and working through your "home work". Then we work together developing appropriate strategies to deal with situations and moments where you may be potentially vulnerable. Exercises and techniques for stress management are given. 

The next part of the session is a hypnosis process which will vary according to the needs of the client. It may involve reinforcement of developed strategies and hypnotic suggestions to become smoke free, or it could involve interactive techniques that solve inner conflicts or resolve the underlying cause, or it could involve all of the above. Smoking is a complex individual issue and must be tailored to your needs, so a generalised impersonal "one size fits all" approach is often ineffective.

After the session you will be given a CD or mp3 file to play at home. Track One "Wake Up a Non Smoker" is a ten minute "hypnopompic" track designed to play for 21 days, first thing in the morning and prepare you, the non smoker, for the day ahead.

Track Two, "Relax Smoke Free", is a twenty minute track designed to reinforce the work done in the session and allow you to enjoy relaxing without smoking. This can be used at any time of day when there is a need to relax.

The Quit Smoking reinforcement CD is not sold separately as it is an integral part of the Quit Smoking Program and it is my experience that CD/tapes for habit control must be used in combination with individual face to face sessions for maximum effectiveness.

THEN - Enjoy being a non smoker for the rest of your life!


Total cost: $180 (including reinforcement mp3 files or CD)

$180 - due at the conclusion of the consultation. Please Note: After Hours consultations (at 7 pm) have a surcharge of an additional $20 = $200. Cheque or cash preferred but a credit card transaction can be arranged.

WHY SO CHEAP? One face to face session only? Other hypnotherapists charge much more and some ask you to attend multiple sessions?

As an ex smoker myself, I know how much you have already been "ripped off" by the tobacco companies and the government and I want to show you how little it costs to quit and just how easy it is with my time tested method. My normal fee for a 90 minute session for any issue is $180. I don't wish to exploit smokers by charging more than my normal consultation fee or demanding more sessions than necessary. You have been exploited enough! Join the several thousand ex smokers over many years who have quit "Stressfree" using my unique method. 



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