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HypnoBirthing® for a calm birth

Conducted in private individual sessions

 by Daryl Wilkinson, a Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner

Hypnosis techniques have been used to assist in childbirth for many decades. However over the last 40 years HypnoBirthing® has been developed into an international program of childbirth education, teaching techniques for safe and comfortable birthing. The HypnoBirthing® program promotes the empowerment of the mother by using natural childbirth and self hypnosis techniques. I was one of the first to be trained in this technique in 2002 and my stressfree childbirth HypnoBirthing® program has assisted over 1000 mothers to achieve calm and comfortable births since 2002

  The stressfree childbirth program:

* Eliminates the fear and tension that cause a long labour and pain

* Reduces or eliminates the need for painkillers during childbirth

* Shortens the first stage of labour 

* Reduces or eliminates fatigue during labour

* Promotes bonding of the mother, baby and birthing partner

* Creates a more integral role for the birthing partner

* Promotes rapid postnatal recovery

  You will learn:

* Practical skills of deep relaxation, self hypnosis and visualisation to keep you positive and focused during labour and childbirth 

* Breathing techniques and body positions for an easier labour

* That severe discomfort is not a necessary accompaniment of labour

* How to create and control your body’s own natural anesthesia

* How your body is designed to birth your baby naturally and calmly 

* To be empowered to take control of your own birthing experience

  The program includes:

* Discussion of the principles of a calm birth free of fear and anxiety

* Explanation and practice of hypnosis, deep relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques 

* Viewing of powerful videos of easy births using relaxation techniques 

* Strategies for the birthing partner to support the mother-to-be during labour and childbirth

Materials provided include: 

a USB memory stick containing audio mp3 tracks of all hypnosis activities conducted during the program for home practice, notes and handouts for each session.

The stressfree childbirth program does not preclude medical intervention if it is required. However, the focus of the program is to return to women their right to call upon their natural birthing instincts and enjoy a serene and memorable birthing experience.

When to start the program

The best time to start the program is between 25 and 30 weeks: this gives you plenty of time to practice. You can start the program earlier if you wish. We have also worked successfully with women who have started as late as 36 weeks, but this is not recommended. 

  What new mothers are saying about this program:

 • "I was relaxed and comfortable all the way. It was wonderful!"

 • " It was far more than we had even hoped for. Our daughter came into the world so easily and in such a calm atmosphere."

 • "I told myself that I would only feel pressure, and it worked! That is all I felt, What a difference from my first labour."

 • "I used self hypnosis with our first baby and my active labour was only three hours from start to end, We were thrilled"

 • "This is the way all babies should come into the world"

Left to right: Fiona (midwife), Phillipa, Baby Ella, Garth.

Baby Ella was a breech presentation (usually a mandatory caesarean) but Phillipa was so relaxed that she proceeded to give birth easily and naturally with no drugs and no medical intervention.

This testimony was transcribed from a video that you will view as part of the "stressfree childbirth" program.

GARTH: "We had a very successful birth and I couldn't recommend it more highly."

FIONA: (midwife of 14 years experience) "It was fantastic that it (hypnosis) enabled her to relax and let her body labour naturally and not tense up against the contractions. Often a breech birth is a longer labour, but because she could relax, she had a quick and easy delivery. I would recommend it highly.

Note: Fiona had never before attended a birth where hypnosis was used.

PHILLIPA: It was an amazing, awe inspiring, fabulous experience. Even though it was a breech, I wouldn't change a thing! I wasn't scared. There was no fear. I was really relaxed and felt positive and calm. And having a baby that was breast feeding within 10 minutes, it was worth all the practice. I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to put in the time."


Four x 2 hour PRIVATE SESSIONS for individual couple 

(These sessions are usually weekly but can be negotiated)

$170 per session x 4 sessions = $680 in total. 

After hours sessions available only on Tuesday or Thursday evenings 
incur a surcharge of $25 extra per session = $195 ( $780 total )

TOTAL COST includes home study materials/class notes and audio mp3 tracks on USB stick.


If you know of another couple who wish to do the program, we offer a

Four x 2 hour DISCOUNTED weekly SESSIONS for 2 couples ( save $180 each) 

$125 x 4 two hour weekly sessions Total = $500 per couple

After Hours surcharge of $25 per session applies ( Total A/H = $600 per couple )

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Discussion Topic: Hypnobirthing in Melbourne

AmyS - 07 Jun 04 @ 12:35 PM

Hi all,

I'm expecting my first baby in September and am very interested in trying hypnobirthing. I wondered if anyone living in Melb has tried it and if so, can you recommend a good practitioner? I have emailed Peter Jackson and he's given me a list of practitioners in Melbourne, I just wanted to know if any of you ladies can personally recommend someone? I'm in the SE suburbs up in the Dandenongs. Thanks, Amy

PattyC - 08 Jun 04 @ 3:28 PM 

I am going through the hypnobirthing classes now with one more to go (due in July). I am really enjoying the program. I highly recommend Daryl Wilkinson. The sessions are private for couples which my husband and I have found very useful. Here is a link to his website:

Good Luck. I think you'll enjoy the experience.

jje - 08 Jun 04 @ 4:40 PM 

Hi Amy,

I attended Hynobirthing with Daryl Wilkinson after hours privately with my HB.

I gave birth in April. I practiced what is suggested and Daryl has fantastic CD's. I had a wonderful painless birth experience.

Daryl is just fantastic....

Best Wishes

AmyS - 09 Jun 04 @ 1:24 PM 

Thank you very much. Will give him a ring